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 The annual Flower Carpet Festival was in full swing last week. Blooming flowers turned this remote town into a patchwork of vibrant colors that provided many with gorgeous backdrops for sensational photos. In the early morning, an influx of Instagram-derived visitors formed winding lines that stretched for miles outside the entrance. As the gate opened, the massive crowds surged forward and soon flooded into the fields. Some of them wandered off the designated trails and trampled on the delicate flowers in fervent search of perfect spots for photography and pleasing compositions. The others were seen dancing, jumping, lying down in the middle of the flowers, or using drones to secure the perfect selfies that they thought were destined to go viral. Still others who set their minds on bringing home some “souvenirs” were busy pulling the entire plants, roots and all, out of the ground and stealthily bagging their booty. All seemed to turn a blind eye to the big signs set up among flowerbeds that read “Enjoy the visual feast; respect our hard work!” What’s worse, the loud noise, yelling and cheering, made it nearly impossible for any visitor to enjoy the amazing scenery that unfolded before them relaxingly.

Not only did I feel deeply frustrated and annoyed by numerous selfish visitors who flattened literally everything on my land, but I was exhausted from collecting mounds of litter left behind by them. What concerned me even more was the huge economic losses resulting from their unruly behaviors; last year alone, I had three plots with NT$ 2,000,000 in damage. Not wanting to see history repeating itself, I embarked on organizing a group of "ambassadors," a team of enthusiastic volunteer guides that consisted of local retired flower farmers. To engage visitors in the rich history of floriculture in this area, enhance their outdoor knowledge and eventually raise their environmental awareness, we planned to combine floral design instruction with a field tour and discussion about growing techniques that might work like magic in the backyard. Also, we turned to some powerful influencers for help and they kindly shot clips that promoted responsible outdoor behaviors, from respecting wildlife to being considerate of farm owners and other visitors. Hopefully, by adopting these measures, we could put an end to the “nightmares” that haunted me and other flower farmers.

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1. 根據新聞報導,每年全球有超過百萬人在道路事故中喪失性命。
According the news report, more than (= over) one million (或 millions of ) people in the world lose their life (或 lives) in (the) road accidents every year.

2. 因此,交通法規必須嚴格執行,以確保所有用路人的安全。
Therefore (= Thus/ Hence/ As a result/ As a consequence), (the) traffic rules (= regulations) should be strictly enforced ( = implemented) to ensure the safety of all road users.

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