文法講座四十九:other than 的用法(以學測題為例)

other than 的用法和 apart from、aside from 相同,可等於 besides「包含」,也可等於 except 「不包含」,視文意而定。建議搭配 大學堂文法講座 42 一起看,效果加乘!

    • 除了 … 之外也 …,即「包含 …」:other than N / Ving = aside from N / Ving = apart from N / Ving = besides N / Ving = in addition to N / Ving = on top of N / Ving

    • 例句:During their trip, they also visited Taiwan and China other than Japan.
      解:從 also 可知他們「除了拜訪 Japan 外,也拜訪」了 Taiwan 和China。他們拜訪的國家「包含」Japan、China、Taiwan。


    • 除了… 之外,即「不包含…」:other than N / Ving = aside from N / Ving = apart from N / Ving = except (for) N / Ving = with the exception of N / Ving 

    • 例句:Other than Amy, who is unwell, all the students will join the field trip.
      解:從 who is unwell 可知 Amy 因為身體不適,無法參加校外教學。參加校外教學的學生「不包含」Amy。


    • 以 111 年學測綜合測驗第 16 題為例

    • 例:The round plane windows are indeed pleasant to the eye, but they actually were designed for reasons __16__ aesthetics (美學).
      16. (A) contrary to (B) except for (C) more of (D) other than
      解:從 pleasant to the eye 可知飛機上的圓窗造形美,設計成圓形窗的理由「包含」美觀考量。但是「除了美觀外,還有」別的理由,other than aesthetics = besides aesthetics = in addition to aesthetics,D 為正解。圓窗並沒和美學相反(contrary to),A選項有誤。從下方文章可知圓窗主要是基於飛安,美學固然是設計考量之一,但卻不是最重要(more of)的理由,C 選項有誤。


    • 檢驗一下自己是否已了解 other than 的用法吧!下面例句中的 other than 等於 except 還是 besides 呢?

    • 例:After a beating from her father, Paula ran all the way to the police station and begged to be given somewhere to live other than her home.
      解:從 beating from her father 可知 Paula 在家會挨打,她想住的地方「不包含」她家。這裡的 other than her home = except her home。

      例:Other than being well written, the book is also beautifully illustrated.
      解:從 also 可推知這本書「除了寫得好之外,還有」精美的插畫,other than being well written = besides being well written。

      例:There was nothing outside the window other than trees, woods and a cloudy sky.
      解:trees / woods / a cloudy sky「不包含」在 nothing 的範疇之內。這裡的 other than trees … = except trees …。

      例:He made all A’s this term other than the C in geometry.
      解:geometry(幾何學) 拿C,「不包含」在拿 A 的科目之中。這裡的 other than the C … = except the C …。

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