文法講座三十四:動詞 keep 及「keep/paint/find/leave + O + OC」句型

動詞 keep 常用意思有以下兩個:
  • keep 當「繼續」解釋,等同於 continue; go on,後方需接「動名詞」Ving。 
  • 例句:儘管繼續向前邁進。做你該做的,且為自己而做。
    Just keep moving forward and do what you have to do, for you! 
  • keep 當「保持」解釋,常用於下方句型: 
  • keep (保持/讓)/paint/find (發覺)/leave (讓…) + 名詞(受詞) + 形容詞(受詞補語)
    I am sorry to have kept you        waiting.
                                 [名/ 受詞]  [形/ 受詞補語]
    受詞 you 可主動執行 wait 這動作,故用帶「主動進行」意味的 Ving 分詞當形容詞。
People always find it hard to be happy. They see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.
People always find  it        hard               to be happy.
                [名/受詞]  [形/受詞補語] [to V原結構補充說明 it] 
I painted the walls   light blue.
          [名/受詞] [形/ 受詞補語] 
Don't leave the water  running while you brush your teeth.
         [名/受詞] [形/受詞補語] 
受詞 water 可主動執行 run 這動作,故用帶「主動進行」意味的 Ving 分詞當形容詞。
例句:對我而言,有些事不說比較好。( 即:有些事保持在不說的狀態 )
For me, it        is better to leave some things unsaid.
       [虛主詞]                    [to V原補充說明 it] 
For me, it is better to leave some things unsaid.
                                          [名/受詞]  [形/受詞補語] 
受詞 some things 無法執行 unsay 這動作,故用帶「被動」意味的 p.p. (過去分詞)當形容詞。

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