文法講座四十四:副詞 「同樣地;而且;也」 likewise、similarly、furthermore、moreover

副詞 likewise 常出現在句首,後方搭配逗點,或放在動詞後。likewise 的意思及用法有下列兩種:
  • likewise 意指「同樣地」,和 similarly、in the same way、in a similar way 意思相同。likewise 常出現在句首,後方搭配逗點,或放在動詞後。
  • 例句:她每個月捐款給慈善機構,也鼓勵大家如此做。
    She donates money to charities and encourages others to do likewise
    這裡的 do likewise 意思就是 do the same thing 或 do a similar thing。
    The food here tastes terrible; likewise, the service is awful. 
  • likewise 意指「而且;也」,和 in addition、moreover、furthermore、also及too的意思相同。用於添加和前一句論點相同的重要資訊。
  • 例句:他太年輕了,壓根沒想到要結婚。而且,他目前失業,連自己都養不活。
    He’s far too young to think of getting married. Likewise, he is jobless and can’t even support himself.
    Her first marriage was a total disaster, and her second marriage is likewise unhappy.

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