歌詞創作教學分享 2 :Sara Jackson-Holman - Come Back to Me

繼「小說摘要和插畫創作」後,這回,Morrison 小弟的學習觸角伸向了「歌詞創作」 。隨著課程推進,他漸漸掌握了歌詞創作的要素,如:押韻、明喻、暗喻等,但最重要的是解放想像力,藉著文字容易令人上癮的鏗鏘音律,訴說一則又一則故事。

接著就來和大家分享 Morrison 改編的第二首歌詞。第二首歌為古典鋼琴家出身的美 國創作歌手 Sara Jackson-Holman 的作品:Come Back to Me。Video 中為 Morrison 填 上的新詞。而影片下方,新版和原版歌詞並陳。右邊為 Sara 的大作,左邊為 Morrison 實驗性的創作。改寫後的歌詞,每句字數都和原歌詞相同,但整體故事可說是「完全走味」了,哈 ~ ~。

最後,還要幫害羞的 Morrison 圓個小願望—徵求可幫他用新歌詞唱出原曲子的音樂高手。可以的話,請把您配唱的音檔寄到 tutor@learnerhall.org,謝謝您!

I watch you become angel in heaven,
I ask God to treat you better even,
Enjoy life, enjoy life every day.
The heaven is wide as it is free,
And there you dart around with glee,
Enjoy life, enjoy life every day,

God makes clouds fluffy bed for thee,
You curl up to have sweet dream,
Enjoy life, Enjoy life every day,

God bakes many yummy cookies for thee,
You can eat-as many as you please,
Enjoy life, Enjoy life every day,

When angel walks you back to earth to visit,
I feel you cling tight to my feet,
When the cat next door shows up in our yard,
You turn angry and bark at your foe really hard,

When you are satisfied angel leads you back,
Heaven you reunite with your pack,
Enjoy life, Enjoy life every day,
Oh, wish you all well.

I watched you fall into our life
I saw you swim to the other side
Come back, come back to me
The sky is tall as it is wide
And there you drifted like a kite
Come back, come back to me

I felt the west wind's arms pulling
Overheard the lies that he told you
Come back, come back to me

I watched you step into a cage
I saw you try to fly away
Come back, come back to me

When you left you took the hues from my world
The reds the yellows, the greys, the blues
I look out my window and listen for the door
For the sound of your footsteps on the muddy floor

You took the stars, you took the moon
You brought them back this afternoon

Came back, came back to me
Oh, you came back to me

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