單字講座 19:allocate (v) / locate (v)

教學時,我們常看到學生在特定單字群組使用上抓不到訣竅。這也促使我們決定在本站招牌的「文法講座」外,再加開「單字講座」,目標自然是要讓大家學得快,又學得好 😊😊😊😊

allocate (v) distribute 分配
be allocated to sb for sth:為了 ... 分配 ... 
▶ 例 1:他討厭分配工作。他希望永遠都不需依賴其他人來完成他的工作。
He hated allocating jobs. He wished he never had to depend on other people to complete his work.

▶ 例 2:我們將我們獲利的百分之 10 分配給這個機構,讓他們在我們做生意的社區裡推行環保活動。
Ten percent of our profits is allocated to the institution for carrying out environmental projects in the communities where we do business.

locate (v) 找出 … 的位置 / 位在 …
be located in  …:位在 … 

▶ 例 1:藉由看地圖,我才能找出古墓入口的位置
By consulting the map, I was able to locate the entrance to the ancient tomb.

▶ 例 2:我的學校位在公園路上,延伸兩個街區的距離,介於14街和16街之間。
My school is located on Park Road, stretching a two-block distance between Fourteenth and Sixteenth streets.

結論:allocate「分配」不是 locate「找出 … 的位置 / 位在 …」,兩者大不同唷。

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