文法講座五十三:「only to V原」的意思和用法

「only to V原」意指「不料卻 …」,多用來表達「令人感到意外的或不開心的結果」。使用方式為:S + V (,) only to V原。請見下方例句:


I was ready to pay for my lunch, only to find that I left my wallet in my car.

解析:「忘了帶錢包」是我沒想到且不開心的事,故可使用「only to V原」來表達。

▌例:警方匆忙趕到現場,不料卻發現屋頂上持槍械的六個人只是在拍攝 MV。

The police rush to the scene of six people with guns on roof only to find they were shooting a music video.
解析:「持槍械的六個人只是在拍攝MV」對警方而言是勞師動眾且虛驚一場的事,故可使用「only to V原」來表達。

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