單字講座 58:contend (v) / content (n)(adj) / contention (n) / contentment (n)

四月三日強震,蘇花公路柔腸寸斷,花蓮淪為「孤島」。日前環評卡關的「台9線蘇花公路安全提升計畫」(蘇花安)因而再次引發交通部、花蓮居民、環團、部落、工程專家等多方激辯。期盼已等了20年的苦情花蓮人能早日迎來一條安心回家的路。話說「爭辯」是contend、content、contention 還是 contentment 呢?下方說分明。

▍contend (v) 聲稱主張 = maintain / 競爭(對抗) = compete (/fight)
▶ 例 1:Ruby 主張走出舒適圈是必要的。
Ruby contends that stepping out of the comfort zone is a must.

▶ 例 2:每天我都有一大堆功課要處理
Every day I have plenty of assignments to contend with.

(註)contend with N;對付處理 = cope with N / 競爭 = compete with N

The immune system helps the body contend against illness and infection.

▍content (n) 內容(物) / 滿意 = satisfaction (adj) 滿意的 = contented / satisfied
▶ 例 1:Amy 不願透露她離婚協議書的內容
Amy is reluctant to talk about the content of her divorce settlement agreement.

▶ 例 2:來我們的 K 歌之夜,解放你內在的搖滾明星,心滿意足地盡情高歌。
Unleash your inner rock star and sing to your heart’s content on our Karaoke night.

(註)to sb’s heart’s content:到某人心滿意足為止

▶ 例 3:我滿意我的生活。我對我所擁有的事物和我自己感到滿意
I am content with my life and I am satisfied with what I have and who I am.

(註)sb be content with N = sb be satisfied with N:某人滿意某事

▍contention (n) 競賽 = competition / 爭論 = dispute (/ fight/ argument)
contention 是 contend 的衍生字
▶ 例 1:十年的婚姻裏,「錢」一直是他們爭執的引爆點。
Throughout their 10-year marriage, money has always been a cause of contention.

▍contentment (n) 滿意 = satisfaction。contentment 是 content 的衍生字。
▶ 例 1:這趟旅行孩子們玩得很盡興。他們的心滿意足顯而易見。
The kids had much fun during this trip, and their contentment was plain to see.

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