單字講座 02:adapt (v) / adept (adj) / adopt (v)

教學時,我們常看到學生在特定單字群組使用上抓不到訣竅。這也促使我們決定在本站招牌的「文法講座」外,再加開「單字講座」,目標自然是要讓大家學得快,又學得好 😊😊😊😊

▌ adapt (v)

(1) 改編(變):adapt N = change N = alter N
(2) 適應:adapt to N = adjust to N = accommodate to N

▶ 例 1:新冠肺炎爆發期間,我們老師將期末考改成可在家進行的線上評量。
During the coronavirus outbreak, our teachers adapt the final exam to an online assessment which we can take at home.

▶ 例 2:這部恐怖電影改編自 Diana 的小說,不適合膽小鬼看。
This horror movie is adapted from Diana’s novel and is not for the faint-hearted.

▶ 例 3:隨著全球疫情持續延燒,許多員工很快地就適應居家辦公
As the global pandemic continues to rage, many employees swiftly adapt to working from home.

▌ adept (adj) 擅長…的;be adept at N = be expert at N = be proficient in N

▶ 例 1:這明星擅長吸引各種關注,無論是愛慕還是厭惡。
The star is adept at drawing all kinds of attention, whether it is adoration or hatred.

▌ adopt (v)
(1) 採用:adopt N = employ N
(2) 領養:adopt N = take N into one’s own family

▶ 例 1:為了減緩新冠肺炎的傳播,許多國家已採用嚴格的社交安全距離措施,如:禁止大型集會、居家安全令等。
To slow down the spread of COVID-19, many countries have adopted strict social distancing measures such as bans on mass gatherings and stay-at-home orders.

▶ 例 2:因為全生女兒,我媽很想從孤兒院領養一名男嬰。然而,她從沒想到這可能行不通。
 With a family of girls, my mom was keen to adopt a baby boy from the orphanage. However, little did she ever imagine that it might not work out.

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