單字講座 10:aid (v)(n) / aide (n)

教學時,我們常看到學生在特定單字群組使用上抓不到訣竅。這也促使我們決定在本站招牌的「文法講座」外,再加開「單字講座」,目標自然是要讓大家學得快,又學得好 😊😊😊😊

aid (v) 協助 = help/ assist (n) 協助 = help/ assistance
aid/ assist (sb/ sth) (in N/ Ving);first aid 急救;hearing aid 助聽器;financial aid 助學金/ 補助

▶ 例 1:這台新儀器可協助偵測早期癌症。
The new instrument can aid in the detection of early-stage cancer.

▶ 例 2:我花了好幾個月學習如何不借安眠藥入睡。
It took me several months to learn how to sleep without the aid of sleeping pills.

▍aide (n) 助手 = assistant

▶ 例 1:她擔任總統助理已兩年多了。
She has served as the aide to the president for over two years.

結論:aid [eɪd] 和 aide [eɪd] 發音相同,但是字義各異。看完這一篇,就不會 teaching aid 和teacher’s aide 傻傻分不清了吧!
( teaching aid:教具;teacher’s aide = teaching assistant:助教)。

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