單字講座 26:ballet (n) / ballot (n) (v) / bullet (n)

新制學測今年邁入第三年。若可選擇的話,很好奇大家會支持現行一試定英文生死的新制學測,還是投舊制學測/指考英文一票呢?說到「投票」,是 cast a ballot?還是 cast a ballet?還是cast a bullet?讓我們看下去吧。

▍ballet (n) 芭雷

▶ 例 1:她跳芭雷舞跳了一輩子。當她走路時,動作優雅且流暢,彷彿跳舞般。
She has practiced ballet for most of her life. When she walks, she moves gracefully and fluidly as if dancing.

▍ballot (n) 票

▶ 例 1:沒投票給任何候選人的最常見理由就是對政治不感興趣。
The most common reason for not casting a ballot for any individual candidate is not being interested in politics.

註|投票:vote for N = cast a ballot for N = cast a vote for N 

 ▍bullet (n) 子彈

▶ 例 1:我的牙齒劇烈抽痛。雖然我討厭看牙醫,但也只能咬緊牙關去看診。
I am experiencing severe, throbbing tooth pain. Although I hate going to the dentist, I'll just have to bite the bullet.

註|硬著頭皮應對/ 咬緊牙關面對:bite the bullet

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