單字講座 28:benefit (n) (v) / bonus (n) / profit (n) (v)

在這通膨吃薪的年代,大家無不費盡心思拼獲利、爭取紅利,期待著能分得好處。benefit、bonus、profit 絕對要一把抓。不知道我在咕噥什麼嗎?且看下方細說分明吧!

▍benefit (n) 好處 = advantage (v) 從 … 得到好處

▶ 例 1:綠茶對健康有許多好處,比如說促進減重和避免某些類型的癌症。
Green tea offers many health benefits, from promoting weight loss to preventing certain types of cancer.

▶ 例 2:我已「戒糖」得到很多好處。除了減重 20 磅外,我的皮膚變好了,笑容也更潔白明亮。
I have benefited a lot from cutting out sugar. In addition to shedding 20 pounds, I have better skin and a brighter smile.

▍ bonus (n) 紅利獎金 = reward / 額外的優點或好處 * 複數:bonuses

▶ 例 1:我想將一部分年終獎金用在歐洲之旅。
I would like to spend part of my year-end bonus on a trip to Europe.

▶ 例 2:生產力提高並非早起的唯一附加好處。根據研究,早起人比夜貓族快樂。
Increased productivity isn’t the only bonus to getting up early. According a study, morning people also feel happier than their night owl counterparts.

▍ profit (n) 獲利 = the money made (v) 從 … 賺到錢 / 從 … 得到好處 = benefit
▶ 例 1:經營者可藉著節省開銷和調高商品售價來增加獲利
Business owners can increase their profits both by saving expenses and increasing prices.

▶ 例 2:和她共事,我獲益良多。她既專業,且耐心地教我許多新技能。
I profit (= benefit) greatly from working with her. She is professional and patiently teaches me many new skills.

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