文法講座五十四:介系詞片語「along with N、together with N、as well as N」出現在主詞附近時 …

along with、together with、as well as 這三個介系詞都是意指「和 … / 加上 …」。若這三個介系詞出現在主詞附近時:

A, along with B,
A, together with B,         + 動詞單複數視 A 而定 + …
A, as well as B,

▌例:Jason 與他的妻子和小孩對紐約之行都感到很開心。

Jason, together with his wife and kids, is very excited about the trip to New York.

解析:「together with his wife and kids」是介系詞片語,不是主詞。句子真正的主詞是 Jason,故搭配第三人稱單數的現在式 be 動詞 is。


The candidate, along with his supporters, celebrates his election win at the party headquarter.

解析:「along with his supporters」是介系詞片語,不是主詞。句子真正的主詞是 the candidate,故搭配第三人稱單數的現在式動詞 celebrates。


My friend, as well as me, wants to drop the course.

解析:「as well as me」是介系詞片語,不是主詞。句子真正的主詞是 my friend,故搭配第三人稱單數的現在式動詞wants。

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