單字講座 35:bottom (n) / button(n)(v)

慶祝朋友脫單時,你會嚷嚷 “Bottoms up!” 還是 “Button up!”? 說錯可是糗大囉。下方說分明。

▍bottom (n) 底部

▶ 例 1:為了找鑰匙,我翻遍袋子底部
I dug to the very bottom of my bag to find my keys.

▶ 例 2:咱們來慶祝我們隊的八連勝。乾杯!。
Let's celebrate our team's 8 straight wins. Bottoms up!

註解:Bottoms up! 乾杯;Cheers! 舉杯喝吧;toast = make a toast 舉杯祝賀

▍button (n) 扣子 / 按鈕 (v) 扣扣子

▶ 例 1: 進了電梯後,我按了八樓的按鈕
Entering the elevator, he then pressed the button for the eighth floor.

▶ 例 2:他太醉了,無法好襯衫扣子
He was too drunk to button up his shirt.

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