單字講座 52:competence (n) / competition (n) / competitiveness (n)

從 BTS、《魷魚遊戲》到BLACKPINK,「韓流」(Korean Wave)橫掃全球,征服歐美,所向披靡。令人不禁好奇韓國政府的文創產業成功方程式為何?說到這,今天就來看看competence、competition、competitiveness 這三個和「競爭」有關的單字吧。

▍competence (n) 能力 = ability / proficiency 
▶ 例 1:每次我妹跟我借車後,我就發現新的凹痕。我不禁懷疑她是否有能力成為駕駛人 
I discover a new dent in my car every time my sister has borrowed it. I can’t help questioning her competence as a driver.
▍competition (n) 競賽 = contest = rivalry / 對手 = contestant = rival = competitor 
▶ 例 1:搶才大戰中,競爭激烈,前所未見。 
In the war for talent, competition has never been so fierce.

 ▶ 例2:眾所皆知,「可口可樂」是「百事可樂」最強大的對手。 
Coca-Cola is known to be PepsiCo’s biggest competition

 ▍competitiveness (n) 競爭力 / 好勝(心) 
▶ 例 1:英國宣布提升自家資訊產業競爭力的新政策。 
The UK announces new policies to boost the competitiveness of its IT industry. 

 ▶ 例 2:好勝心過強可能引發壓力、嫉妒和焦慮。
Excessive competitiveness can lead to stress, jealousy and anxiety.

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