單字講座 55:complement (v)(n) / compliment (v)(n) / supplement (v)(n)

矛盾對決!選擇伴侶時,個性「相似」好?還是「互補」好?在動物身上,我們可觀察到個性強勢者通常傾向追求溫馴的另一半,反之亦然。然而,這套理論可能不適用於人類。美國科羅拉多大學的一項研究,分析了近八萬對情侶或夫妻,發現僅 3% 與另一半在人格特質和生活習慣等存在顯著的差異。話說「互補」是complement、compliment 還是 supplement 呢?下方說分明。

▍complement (v)(n) 補充 / 互補
▶ 例 1:Jack 和 Amy 互補。他們是完美的一對。
Jack and Amy complement each other; they make a perfect pair.

▶ 例 2:他完美地補充了我們隊的不足。
He is a perfect complement to our team.

▍compliment (v)(n) 稱讚 = praise
▶ 例 1:我稱讚我兒子做得好。
I complimented my son on doing a great job.
= I paid my son compliments on(/for) his great performance.

▍supplement (v)(n) 補充
▶ 例 1:她藉著週末教瑜珈來補充她的收入。
She supplemented her income by teaching yoga on weekends.

▶ 例 2:吃太多維他命補充錠可能危害健康。
Taking too many vitamin supplements could do harm to your health.

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