單字講座 65:clue (n) / cue (n)

如何一眼看穿對方是否在說謊呢?多年研究顯示,摸鼻子、假笑、敲手指、坐立不安、語速加快,以及眼神飄忽不定等等都是對方正在撒謊的線索。話說「線索」是 clue 還是 cue 呢?下方說分明。

▍clue (n) 線索 
▶ 例 1:警方已仔細檢視 2400 小時的監視器片段,找尋這宗謀殺案的線索。 
The police have closely examined 2,400 hours of CCTV footage to look for clues to the murder. 

 ▶ 例 2:他根本不知道我為何生他的氣。 
He didn’t have a clue why I was angry with him. 

(註)not have a clue = not know 

 ▍cue (n) 暗示 (v) 暗示 
▶ 例 1:他的身體緊貼著牆,小心翼翼地在暗處等待上場的暗示。 
He presses his body against the wall, careful to stay in the shadows while awaiting his cue to enter the stage. 

 ▶ 例 2:Alexander 點點頭,示意我進房間。 
With a nod, Alexander cued me to enter the room.

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