單字講座 66:context (n) / contest (n)

你知道學測熱門單字的共通點嗎?那就是「一字多義和多詞性」。要了解字義,就得從上下文情境中找線索。話說「上下文」是 contest 還是 context 呢?下方說分明。

▍context (n) 上下文 / 情(環)境 = circumstance
▶ 例 1:Jack 打破沉默,宣稱媒體斷章取義(將他的話從上下文截錄出來),蓄意扭曲他的評論。
Jack broke his silence, claiming that the media deliberately distorted his remarks by taking them out of context.

▶ 例 2:AI 已被運用在許多不同的情境中,比如說:教育、健康照護和製造業。
AI has been implemented in various contexts such as education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

▍contest (n) 競賽 = competition
▶ 例 1:令我們感到非常失望的是,我們在比賽中遭到淘汰。
Much to our disappointment, we were eliminated from the contest.

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