108 學測英文:大學堂英文 時事單字猜題(一)

108學測,精選時事單字猜題,熱騰騰出爐了~ 趕緊看下去,好好消化這頓單字大餐吧。有看可是有保佑喔!

■ TOPIC 1:霧霾 / air pollution / 能源

be notorious for N 因為…惡名昭彰;tricky (adj) 棘手的;pollution / contamination (n) 汙染;pollute / contaminate / taint (v) 汙染;pollutant (n) 汙染物; particle (n) 分子;source (n) 來源;attribute A to B = owe A to B = credit A with B 將A歸因於B;leading / primary / main / major (adj) 首要的;cause (n) 起因 (v) cause N to V原 = induce N to V原 = lead to N / result in N / bring about N / contribute to N / give rise to N 導致引發…;result from N / come from N / stem from N / originate from N / derive from N 源自於… / 起因於…;be linked to N / be related to N / be connected to N / be associated with N 和…有關;account for N 占…多少 / 解釋;electricity generation (n) 發電;fossil fuel (n) 化石燃料;exhaust (n) 廢氣;emit / discharge / release (v) 排放;emission (n) 排放;coal-fired power plant 火力發電廠;form (v) 形成 (n) 表格 / 形態;formation (n) 形成;smog / haze (v) 霧霾;cloud / blanket (v) 覆蓋籠罩;hazy / blurred / obscure / vague (adj) 模糊的;blur / obscure (v) 使模糊;visibility (n) 能見度;increasingly / progressively (adv) 越來越…;gradually (adv) 漸漸地;significant / considerable / substantial (adj) 顯著大量的;at an alarming (adj) 拉警報的rate (n) 速率 / 費率;toxic / poisonous (adj) 有毒的;air quality 空氣品質;deteriorate (v) 惡化;fuel (n) 燃料 (v) 火上加油 / 惡化加劇;have a fatal / deadly / lethal (adj) 致命的 effect / impact / influence on N;adverse / negative / harmful (adj) 有害的;premature (adj) 過早的;choke (v) 窒息;impair N / harm N = do harm to N 對…造成傷害;do good to N 對…有益;exceed (v) 超過;excess / excessive (adj) 過多的;expose A to N (v) 將A暴露在…之下;exposure to N (n) 暴露在…之下;victim (n) 受害者;fall victim / prey to N 成為…的受害者;be subject to N = be vulnerable to N = be susceptible to N易受…影響;pose threat to N 對…造成威脅;infection (n) 感染;infect / contract (v) 感染;chronic (adj) 慢性的;disease (n) 疾病;plague / torment / torture (v) 折磨;shrink (v) 縮小 (shrink – shrank – shrunk);life expectancy (n) 壽命;pay the cost / price for N 為了…付出代價;at the cost / expense of N 犧牲了…;remedy (n) 療法 / 補救之道 (v) 補救矯正;devote / commit / dedicate oneself to N / Ving = be devoted / committed / dedicated to N / Ving : 全心投入…;make N a top priority 將…列為首要事項;alternative (n) 替代方案 (adj) 另類的;renewable (adj) 再生的;sustainable (adj) 永續的;solar energy (n) 太陽能;energy conservation (n) 節約能源;reduce /cut down on N:減少;energy consumption (n) 消耗電力;assess / evaluate (v) 評估;detect (v) 偵測;inspect (v) 檢驗;intensively (adv) 嚴密地;monitor (v) 監控;screen (v) 篩檢;oversee / supervise (v) 監督;analyze (v) 分析;analysis (n) 分析;take precautions (n) 採取預防措施;mask (n) 口罩;take measures = take a (+adj) approach to N / Ving採取…方法;fight against N = combat N 對抗;reverse (v) 逆轉;tackle N = handle N = cope with N = deal with N (v) 處理

■ TOPIC 2:cellphone zombie 手機喪屍群 / 手機成癮

digital (adj) 數位的;age / era (n) 年代 / 時代;be surrounded by N 被…包圍;electronics (n) 電子產品;device / gadget (n) 3C 裝置;tablet (n) 平版;smartphone (n) 智慧型手機;pros and cons of N …的優缺點;advantage (n) 優點;disadvantage (n) 缺點;handy (adj) 方便的;assistant (n) 幫手;boredom (n) 無聊 killer;entertainment (n) 娛樂;pleasure (n) 快樂;relaxation (n) 放鬆;devour (v) 狼吞虎嚥 / 全神貫注地看;screen (n) 螢幕 (v) 篩檢 / 篩選;ease / relieve (v) 舒緩;resist (v) 抗拒;surrender to N / succumb to N / yield to N / give in to N 屈服投降;tempt / allure / lure (v) 引誘;temptation (n) 誘惑;desire / longing / yearning / craving (n) 渴望;desire N / long for N / yearn for N / crave for N (v) 渴望;be addicted to N 對..成癮;intense (adj) 強烈的;artificial (adj) 人造的; stimulation (n) 刺激;isolate (v) 孤立隔離;depression (n) 憂鬱症;game addicts 電玩成癮者;textaholics 簡訊狂;Facebook freak (n) 瘋子;cellphone use (n) 使用手機;replace / substitute (v) 取代;be in place of N取代…;confront / face N (v) 對抗面對…;barrier / obstacle (n) 障礙;observe N / stick to N 遵守;be consistent with N 持續一致的;principle (n) 原則

■ TOPIC 3:塑膠垃圾 / 限塑

plastic (n) 塑膠製品 (adj) 塑膠的;introduce (v) 介紹 / 引進;fabricate (v) 捏造 / 製造;disposable (adj) 拋棄式的;goods / merchandize (不可數) / commodity (n) 商品;container (n) 容器;store (v) 儲存;utensil (n) 廚房用具;prompt / induce / trigger / spark (v) 促使 / 引發;undesirable (adj) 不討喜的;horrify (v) 震驚恐怖;nonbiodegradable (adj) 無法生物分解的;toss / dump / litter (v) 丟;explosive (adj) 爆炸(性)的 / 激增的 (n) 爆裂物;waste (n) 垃圾 (v) 浪費;debris (n) 殘骸;landfill (n) 垃圾場;contaminate (v) 汙染;disaster / catastrophe (n) 大災難;break down (v) 分解 / 壞掉;incorporate / integrate (v) 整合併入;food chain (n) 食物鏈.;ingest (v) 攝取;clog / block (v) 堵塞;drain (v) 榨乾 (n) 下水道;persist (v) 堅持 / 繼續存在;ecological (adj) 生態的;sound the alarm 拉警報;practical / feasible / viable (adj) 實際可行的;relieve / soothe / ease (v) 舒緩減輕;remove N / rid of N (v) 去除;eliminate N / wipe out N (v) 消除;polish (v) 擦亮 / 提升;spoil (v) 腐敗 / 破壞 / 寵壞;image (n) 形象;mobilize (v) 動員;beach cleanup (n) 淨灘;convert / transform A into B:將A變成B;textile (n) 織品;fiber (n) 纖維;shift (v) (n) 改變;policy (n) 政策;launch (v) 發射 / 發起;ban N / impose a ban on N / prohibit N (v) 禁止;straw (n) 吸管 / 稻草;detergent (n) 清潔劑;microplastic bead (n) 柔珠;apply to N (v) 運用 / 塗抹;take effect / come into force (v) 生效;enforce N / implement N / carry out N (v) 執行;call for N (v) 呼籲;crack down on N (v) 取締;crackdown (n) 取締;fine / penalty (n) 罰款;discourage / deter sb from Ving (v) 阻止某人做某事;

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