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 1. 依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。
 2. 文長至少120個單詞(words)。

提示︰ 排隊雖是生活中常有的經驗,但我們也常看到民眾因一時好奇或基於嘗鮮心理而出現大排長龍(form a long line)的現象,例如景點初次開放或媒體介紹某家美食餐廳後,人們便蜂擁而至。請以此種一窩蜂 式的「排隊現象」為題,寫一篇英文作文。第一段,以個人、親友的經驗或報導所聞為例,試描述這種排隊情形;第二段,說明自己對此現象的心得或感想。


Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people line up as new crazes sweep the island in quick succession. Take the iPhone fad for example. Despite there being weeks until the iPhone X’s release, eager customers were seen setting up camps outside the flagship stores, with some professional sitters charging a huge sum to save a spot. Two days ahead of its launch, people of all ages flooded into the street, braving downpours and low temperatures to form winding lines that stretched miles and miles. Devouring pizzas delivered to the queues, they waited anxiously to get their hands on the fancy handsets to make others green with envy. Yet, days of standing in line, financially motivated consumers who planned to resell the devices to make a buck, diehard Apple fans and shortages of products put together, the results were chaos and conflict. Violent fights broke out as some opportunists cut in line. Fierce arguments erupted once shoppers competed to bag the most popular rose gold phones. Shrill cry from lost kids or customers whose valuables got stolen rang through the crowded store. Before long, the supposedly exciting shopping sprees turned sour.

As for me, I am never enthusiastic about chasing trends because they come and go like the wind. I would rather wait until the hype gradually fades so that I can get better services in a more pleasant shopping environment. Moreover, since retailers tend to offer discounts within months of the product debut to boost sales, postponing purchases allow me to enjoy the cool new stuff without draining my wallet. Lastly, avoiding “following the crowd” prevents me from falling victim to retailers’ hunger marketing and thus help cut down on impulsive buying effectively.

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