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With the emergence of driverless car and Amazon Go, many are caught in a modern fear that robot will steal all the jobs and get into panic. However, I am quite optimistic about the trend of automation. To me, the "invasion" of robotics and artificial intelligence can result in several benefits. First, through automation, a factory can save labor costs, which may help lower the prices of its products. Because of low prices, the products may seem more appealing to customers and stimulate them to make their purchase decisions. Thus, with the demand increasing, the company needs to hire more workers. This way, large-scale unemployment isn’t likely to happen. What’s more, automating jobs allows a company to generate more profits and theoretically pay its employees better, another pleasant by-product automation brings. Secondly, since robots take over those boring repetitive routines, the employees are free to learn new advanced skills such as operating new systems. Also, they can focus on researching and developing new technologies as well as devote themselves to tasks that require more creativity and sound judgment. Gradually, they cultivate abilities which robots don’t have. Thirdly, as automation kills some jobs, it creates others, including supervising AI as well as repairing and maintaining new systems. In this regard, I think our generation is very lucky to be equipped with these advanced technologies. They give us a lot of opportunities to transform the world for the better.

To prepare myself for a job market packed with robots, I would do the following as soon as I attend college. First, I would make it a top priority to develop skills that can’t be replaced by machines. To achieve this goal, in addition to majoring in different subject areas, I would seize opportunities to transform knowledge to solutions for life through part-time jobs, volunteering and internships. Experiences accumulated would help improve my flexibility and problem-solving abilities. Also, I would take part in activities that can inspire me and enhance creativity, such as robotics competitions. Armed with these competitive advantages, I hope I can make my transition to the workforce much smoother.

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