110 指考英文 (非選/翻譯/作文):大學堂英文參考答案

末代指考英文,選擇題部分的考點平易近人,大夥兒寫來相當順手吧! 直到看到作文題 … 呵呵,苦惱啊,真是「好戲」壓軸。建議大家落筆前,先在腦中快速盤點贊成或反對用英文來教授專業科目的理由。選擇理由充分的那方後,再靜下心來條列式地陳述論點。第二段,問「因應」和「規劃」,就是要請考生說明將如何提升自我的英文能力和掌握專業知識。題目不難寫,但要寫得好,有難度!


110 指考翻譯題 

1. 很多人好奇今年年初在美國破紀錄的低溫是否和全球暖化有關。
Many people are curious whether the record-breaking low temperatures in the US early this year are related to global warming.

[ 註1 ] whether (or not) = if
[ 註2 ] the record-breaking low temperature = the low temperature(s) that break(s) the record
[ 註3 ] are related to N = are associated with N = are connected to N = have something to do with N;temperatures 配 are / have;temperature 配 is / has
[ 註 4 ] are curious = wonder

2. 不論答案為何,氣候專家預告這種不正常的天氣將會變成新的常態。
No matter what the answer is, climate experts predict that the abnormal weather will(would) become the new normal.

[ 註1 ] No matter what = Whatever
[ 註2 ] climate experts = weather experts
[ 註3 ] predict = foretell = prophesy
[ 註 4 ] No matter what the answer is = Regardless of the answer 

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The past decade saw a boom of English Medium Instruction (EMI) in higher education, and I am quite optimistic about this phenomenon. For one thing, EMI courses can bring students double benefits: professional expertise and higher English proficiency; these two, taken together, give graduates competitive edges to stand out and secure coveted positions in a tough job market. Tourism, international trade, IT, sciences, academia, and banking are just a few of the job domains where English is used for communication. For another, the reasons for universities to switch to teach in English are apparent. Aside from boosting graduates’ career prospects, EMI attract brilliant international students who not only are valuable assets to the schools but generate a considerable revenue stream for the institutions. Moreover, having faculty proficient in English helps facilitate academic exchange, increase the number of research papers published in international journals, and raise the university’s world rankings. In this regard, implementing internationalization strategies such as EMI courses and global partnerships is vital for the sustainable development of a university and its students.

To better prepare myself for EMI courses, I would keep improving my English proficiency with the aid of arrays of amazing online resources. Take, for example, “ABC,” an app that I have used for 3 years. It not only arouses my interest in English but allows me to learn at any time at any place. When activating the app, I can access plenty of videos of fun topics and immerse myself in real-life English-speaking environment. Besides, the captions are interactive. When I tap on any word I don’t know, I would see an image, a short definition, or useful examples beside it, all of which accelerate my learning. Also, the app would generate oral or written tests related to the video that I have just watched so I can re-examine my understanding. What’s better, the app keeps tracking words I am learning and recommend clips for me to watch based on these words. With apps like this at hand, I have enhanced my English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. When it comes to getting the most out of the English-taught lectures, I would make it a rule to preview and review learning materials well enough to actively participate in class activities. The more I practice English, the more automatic and natural English use becomes. In sum, I am ready to take the challenge EMI poses and look forward to the great learning experiences it would offer.

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