107 指考英文(非選/翻譯/作文): 大學堂英文參考答案


3 點 20 分一到 ,大學堂英文教團隊咻一下上網,認真研究起試題來。要跟大家說聲抱歉了,作文非前幾天猜測的圖表題,而是規規矩矩的命題式作文。但練習過「空污」和「創造一個節日」這兩篇作文(詳見 107 學測英文:大學堂英文 作文猜題)的指考班學員們,應該會覺得蠻好發揮的吧。下方範文就是老師們將班上同學寫過的兩篇舊文融合後所寫成的喔 😊

107 指考英文科 題目

翻 譯
1. 快速時尚以速度與低價為特色,讓人們可以用負擔得起的價格買到流行的服飾。
Fast fashion features speed and low prices, allowing people to buy fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

2. 然而,它所鼓勵的「快速消費」卻製造了大量的廢棄物,造成巨大的污染問題。
However, the fast consumption it encourages creates lots of waste and leads to huge pollution problems. (或 causing enormous pollution problems.)
作 文


(一)提供社 區老人服務(如送餐、清掃、陪伴等);
這三個方案,你會選擇哪一個?請以此為題,寫一篇英文作文,文長至少 120 個單詞。文分兩段,第一段說明你的選擇及原因,第二 段敘述你認為應該要有哪些活動內容,並說明設計理由。

Given an opportunity to devise a community service project, I would opt to hold regular fairs, which serve two purposes: One is to raise people’s environmental awareness; the other is to prompt them to take immediate action to tackle air pollution. In fact, the idea for an event to focus on fighting against foul air came to my mind when I watched the viral documentary “Under the Dome” several years ago. The film, investigating the severe threat that air pollution pose, strikes an immediate chord with me because my hometown, Kaohsiung, has suffered the same problem for years. In this bustling city, air pollution has become everyone’s worst nightmare. Long-term exposure to the toxic air has made many residents here fall sick from diseases such as allergy, chronic cough or lung cancer. What's more, poor air quality brings many inconveniences to people's lives. For example, most people would not risk going out without wearing masks. Some of them even reduce outdoor activities for fear of taking in excessive, harmful substances such as PM2.5.

To help remedy this tricky issue, I would like to integrate the following activities into the events. First, with the 3Rs–reduce, reuse, and recycle–in mind, I would help organize flea markets where people can get rid of their unwanted treasures. In addition to giving a new life to those second-handed items, they are actually making great contributions to conserving virgin resources and cutting down on energy needed to manufacture new products. As less energy is generated or consumed, less greenhouse gases are emitted. Also, part of the profits gained from these events can be used to fund research in developing clean, renewable energies that lower the impact on the environment. Moreover, since exhaust from motor vehicles is a major pollution contributor, I would launch car-free campaigns to promote green transportation. Participants who walk, pedal, or take the MRT to the event would be rewarded with coupons. Hopefully, my proposed events will soon be held to place people on the path to sustainable living.

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