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一看到今年學測作文題,教學團隊們精神一振,呼~~恰好完全命中!英文翻譯作文課練過的四格連環圖,和今年的考題,命題精神一模模一樣樣,可完整套寫在學測題目上。精熟內容的學員,想必邊寫邊笑,邊笑又邊寫 ^_^。同時,今年學測作文的周年慶主題,和107學測作文探討的排隊現象相互呼應,發想時,也可參考 107 學測英文作文:大學堂英文範文


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The anniversary sales of Sogo Shopping Mall were in full swing. This early morning, Emily awakened her daughter, Alice, at dawn and fixed her a tasty breakfast. Then off they went, taking the MRT to their shopping heaven. Outside of the entrance, bargain hunters who were eager to lay their hands on the best-buys had formed winding lines that stretched for miles. Emily and Alice marched to join the crowd. As soon as the giant revolving door opened, Emily dragged her daughter in for fear that she would miss out on the good deals. Upon stepping inside, she saw numerous signs that read, “Buy one and get one free” and “All ninety percent off.” She couldn’t wait to start her shopping spree. Darting from shop to shop, she bought ten bags of cosmetics, five pairs of sneakers and eight skirts. With her two hands full of bulging shopping bags, she had no choice but to let go of Alice's hand, but she cautioned, “Alice, cling to the edge of my T-shirt tightly and follow me closely." 

With more and more shoppers flooding in, the only connection between them was cut off. Losing sight of her mom and surrounded by crowds of complete strangers, Alice went into a panic. She scrambled to squeeze through the dense mass to look for her mom. Ten minutes into her fervent search but in vain, Alice burst out crying and let out horrible screams, "Mom, where are you? Please come pick me up. I am so scared." Her move drew passersby’s attention and a kind man walked toward her and asked, “You seem lost. Do you want me to take you to the Information Desk?’’ Wiping away the tears, Alice nodded her head in silent agreement. Upon arrival, Alice told the clerk what happened in detail and the clerk then broadcast an urgent message to prompt Emily to meet her daughter. No sooner had the broadcast been over than Emily showed up. Hearing a familiar voice calling her name, Alice looked up and saw her mom whose brows furrowed and whose face turned ghostly pale with worries and fear. Alice immediately threw herself into her mom’s arms. “Alice, I am terribly sorry. I will never let you out of my sight, especially in such a crowded place,’’ said Emily. The two finally reunited, both shedding tears of joy.

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1. 我們有時會違背自己的意願去做某些事情,就只為了要取悅朋友。
Sometimes, we might do some things (或 something) against our (own) will just (或 simply) to please our friends.

Sometimes, we might go against our (own) will to do things just to make our friends happy.

2. 其實,在面對同儕壓力的時候,我們應該學習堅持自己的原則。
In fact (或 Actually/ In effect/ As a matter of fact), when facing (或 faced with) peer pressure (或 pressure from the peers), we should learn to insist on (或 stick to) our principles.

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