108 學測英文 (非選/翻譯/作文):大學堂英文參考答案

今天,學員考完英文後,立馬喜孜孜回報,命中學測英文作文!他徹底回收課堂上才剛練習過的觀光/遊記主題,(即 108 學測英文作文猜題 第5題),暢快地完成一篇梗多料足的作文。教學團隊們一聽一看,自然也雀躍不已。


108 學測英文科 題目 


1. 自2007年營運以來,高鐵已成為台灣最便利、最快速的交通工具之一。
Since it started operation in 2007, the High Speed Rail has become one of the fastest and the most convenient vehicles.

transportation (n) 交通工具,為不可數名詞,若要在句中使用這個字,應寫成:one of the fastest and the most convenient means of transportation。means (n) 方法,單複數同形。句中的means為複數。

2. 對於強調職場效率的人而言,高鐵當然是商務旅遊的首選。
For people who emphasize efficiency at (或in) the workplace, the High Speed Rail (或 it) is surely (或definitely) the top choice for business trips.

For those who put emphasis on workplace efficiency, the High Speed Rail (或 it) is sure to be the top choice for business travel.

trip (n) 旅行,為可數名詞。travel (n) 旅行,為不可數名詞。


大學堂英文「學測衝刺課程」/ 「學測翻譯作文課程」課堂上練習的作文題目:

5. 近幾年,來台觀光旅遊人數和前往鄰近的日本、韓國、新加坡、馬來西亞等國的觀光人次仍有一段差距。且這些國家也都加足馬力,積極拓展觀光版圖,因此,我們向前的腳步沒有稍歇的權利。第一段,請說明你認為應如何提升台灣的觀光競爭力呢﹖第二段,請介紹一個你想讓外國人認識的城鎮,內容可包括當地的風土民情、觀光景點或美食小吃。

108 學測英文作文題目:


I am proud of Taiwan’s vast tourism resources. With its breathtaking scenery, rich cultures, fun activities, and mouth-watering delicacies, I think Taiwan has great potential to be on the ultimate travel bucket list. Take my favorite county, Hualien, for example. Nicknamed Taiwan's back garden, Hualien seems to have something for everyone. For those outdoor lovers, they can set off to Hualien Harbor, where the boats will take them out for an exciting two-hour dolphin watching trip. Seeing the naughty creatures leap high in the air, play in the waves and race with the ship is indeed an unforgettable sight. After that, they are welcome to visit the magnificent Taroko Gorge. This towering marble-walled canyon carved out by the blue-green Liwu River has long been praised as one of Asia's picturesque wonders. As for those who are fond of aboriginal culture and history, Hualien is the right place for them because it has the most concentrated tribes such as Amis or Rukai. To explore and experience the authentic tribal customs, they can join the harvest festivals taking place every summer. The highlights of the celebration include sampling the signature dishes such as roasted game meat and mochi as well as dancing with the locals to the strong beats. I am confident that tourists can satisfy their eyes, their souls and their taste buds in one trip to Hualien.

To promote Taiwan internationally, I will first suggest that the Tourism Bureau invite famous directors, star-studded cast and outstanding production teams to shoot films in Taiwan. As those films are released, Taiwan will gain lots of exposure to global audience. Better yet, the die-hard fans of the movies will become potential visitors to Taiwan. Besides, the authority can hold competitions to challenge the public to submit five-minute short films to introduce their favorite less-traveled sites. After the result is announced, the award winners will be recruited to help tourists organize their trips. Above all, information from the travel guides, apps, maps and road signs should be up-to-date and written in different languages, free of spelling and grammatical errors. I hope that my suggestions can help keep Taiwan’s tourism booming and make touring in Taiwan unlike any other (place).

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