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The heavy rain had persisted for two weeks. Finally, it cleared up. The sunlight penetrating through the clouds shone on everything. It was such a beautiful day. Ready to enjoy a warm sunbath, Mary decided to take her pet dog, Tom, out for a walk. She placed the collar and leash on Tom and stuffed her pocket with plastic bags and some paper towels. Off they went. Ten minutes later, Tom turned circles, practicing his crazy touchdown dance. After Tom relieved itself, Mary stooped down to clean after Tom. Although cleaning up the stinky mess wasn’t a pleasant task, Mary knew how annoying it was for anyone to step in the poop and spread it into stores or homes. After she dutifully scrubbed the sidewalk and secured the dog waste in the scented, pink doggy bag, they continued their relaxing stroll. Passing by the Apple flagship store, the new iPhone, with its elegant appearance and novel functions, in the display window attracted her like a magnet. Staring at the device, she lost in thought.

Suddenly, a man of medium height, in a baseball cap and white T-shirt, came out of nowhere and approached Mary from behind. He pushed her hard on the back and wrestled her to the rough pavement. Seeing her tumble on the ground, the robber said in the most threatening tone, “Give me all your valuables right now.” Before Mary had a chance to consider her options, the man snatched the plastic bag from her and fled away. Mary was left with cuts, bruises, and scratches all over. However, what she did first was not checking her own injuries but examining Tom’s conditions. Not recovering from the big shock, Tom was still barking aggressively at the mugger, who was racing to his motorcycle for a quick escape. The loud noises attracted a passerby’s attention. Then, he walked up to her with a confused and worried look, asking, “Why are you laughing such a hearty laugh? Are you alright? Don’t worry. I already called 911.” Still smiling, Mary replied, “Thanks! It’s so kind of you. I just find I sprain my ankle.” While helping Mary to move to the bench, he asked, “By the way, what did the robber get from you?” Mary burst into laughter again and said, “Nothing. Just a bag of smelly dog poop.” Hearing her words, the man found it hard to hold his laugh, joking, “The mugger would definitely be very disappointed at his rewards this time.”

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