指考衝刺班:104年度學測英文作文分享 / 雙主題英文作文分享 Part I

一反學測多年來重「敘事/ 抒情」能力的連環圖題型,104學測英文作文意外地採用了僅在102年指考出現過一次的雙主題題型,又加上題目側重「論理邏輯」,難度一下子拉升許多,想必讓許多同學感到「措手不及」。「大學堂英文」教學團隊認為這次命題頗具巧思,鑑別度高,建議準備指考的同學們,多練習論說文類的主題。


104 學測英文作文題目:請在第一段說明你認為該書的內容大概會是什麼。第二段提出你選擇該書的理由。

With these two books coming into sight, I'll definitely choose the one that is written by Austin Young named "Leadership Is A Choose: Conquer Your Fears & You Can Be a Leader Too." Judging from the title and the cover of the book, I would like to guess that the contents of the book might be targeting at why and how could we become a successful leader. (評)間接問句 = 疑問詞 + 主詞 + 動詞 + (地點 / 時間) To me, the topic and the main idea is more likely to be giving us some advice about being a leader. (評)須說明 advice 為何?這就是重點所在。 Such as establishing a foundation that anyone could be a great leader (評)缺動詞,不是完整句。as long as we started to believe in ourselves and confront with the fears concealed in our mind.

(評) 為何成為領導者是很重要的?如何成為優秀領導者?這兩個問題正是第一段的重點,建議以作者口吻回答這兩個問題,這樣也能開展和豐富段落內容。

As for me, I'm always a timid person while doing any group work. Every time when group work discussing is needed, I always shrink back and wait for others to volunteer as a leader. Not until I was elected as a leader in a school club did I realize the importance of learning how to become a leader. Not only at school but also when entering in any enterprise do leadership plays an important part. (評)句型有誤。Not only + 倒裝 (助動詞 + S1 + V1), but also + 正常句(S2 + V2)Moderating a conference and even founding a new company require highly skilled leadership. For the sake of my bright future, I chose this book in order to enhance my leading experience and offer me a better life.

(評)建議去除這部分,改承接前方擔任社團 leader 的經驗,集中火力描述過程中的體悟,這樣文章結構會比較緊密,概念表達也會比較完整。

二修:下周上課,老師領著同學一起完成細部調整,調整方向涵蓋用字 / 文法 / 句型 / 文章結構 / 劇情邏輯等等,二修即最終定稿。定稿後,學生接著背誦自己的文章,將單字句構進一步內化。

Between these two books in front of me, I chose "Leadership Is A Choice" by Austin Young. Judging from the book title, I guessed it would first explain why we should make ourselves leaders. After that, the author would go further to give us some advice about how to cultivate leadership that brings out the best in ourselves and the people around us. Leafing through the pages, I found the author putting great emphasis on the idea that the only way to learn leadership was by getting involved in leading groups, whether it was to organize a group project, chair a student club, or captain a sports team. It was during the process that we were able to observe what was working for us and learned from our mistakes.

As for me, I used to be a little timid and reserved while doing group projects. Every time when group discussion was needed, I was afraid to voice my opinions. I felt even so when I differed from the teachers and peers. Not until I was elected as vice president of the recreation guidance club did I gradually develop the confidence and skills needed to overcome fear of criticism and failure. Now when carrying the load of leadership, I regard public criticism as the norm and regularly request feedback from my team. Though I hate failure more than anything in the world, especially when all eyes are on me, I come to realize I stand no chance of becoming a better leader without the failure I've experienced along the way. Young’s book just inspires me to dig deep into the question: What else could I do to be a more impactful leader?

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