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■ 主題一:food scare (恐慌) / food safety scandal(食安醜聞)

01. 確認商品被汙染後,將商品下架︰
identify (v) 確認;goods / commodity / products (n) 商品;pollute / taint / contaminate 汙染;recall N / pull N from shelves 將 …下架;recall (v) 下架回收;shelf (n) 貨架

02. 目前為止曾被下架的商品類型有︰
animal feed oil 動物飼料油;gutter oil 地溝油;recycled oil 回收油;adulterated oil 摻假的油;blend A with B;blend (v) 混合;A 和 B 可能是以下東西:illegal food additive 違法的食品添加劑;poisonous / toxic (adj) 有毒的;chemical / chemical substances (n) 化學物質;dye (n) 染劑;industrial (adj) 工業的 / 產業的;not fit for human consumption 不適合人類食用;fit (adj) 合適的;consumption (n) 食用

03. 如何因應食安危機︰
monitor (v) 監控;track down (v) 追蹤;impose tough punishment on N 加重罰則;impose A on B (v) 將 A 強加在 B 上;tough (adj) 嚴厲的;punishment (n)處罰;處罰的方式有︰penalty / fine (n) 罰款;suspension of business 停業

■ 主題二:Ebola 伊波拉

disease (n) 疾病;epidemic (n) 流行病;deadly / fatal (adj) 致命的;virus (n) 病毒;acute (adj) 急性的;originate in N (v) 起源於…;outbreak (n) (疾病)爆發;break out (v) 爆發;hit / strike (v) 侵襲…地區;spread (v) (n) 擴散;transmit through close contact with bodily fluids;transmit (v) 傳染;contact (n) (v) 接觸;fluid (n) 液體;contract / infect (v) 感染;infectious (adj) 有傳染性的;infection (n) 感染; symptom (n) 徵兆 / 症狀;be diagnosed with N 診斷出…;positive (adj) 陽性的;negative (adj) 陰性的;confirm (v) 確認;undergo (v) 進行medical treatment / therapy (n) 治療 / 療法;take precautions 採取預防措施;wear full protective gear; protective (adj) 保護性的;gear (n) 全套設備/服裝

■ 主題三:ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (漸凍人)冰桶大挑戰

viral sensation;viral (adj) 病毒的;sensation (n) 轟動 / 感覺;go viral 像病毒一 樣迅速傳開/ 廣為流傳;social media phenomenon (n) 現象事件 / 奇人奇事;take up (或 embrace / do) the challenge 接受挑戰;dump(或 pour) a bucket of ice on the participant head and nominate others to do the same;dump (v) 傾倒 / 拋棄;bucket (n)水桶;participant (n) 參加者;participate (v) 參與;nominate (v) 點名;get soaked for the sake of charity;soak (v) 濕透 / 浸泡;for the sake of N 為了… 的緣故;charity (n) 慈善;charitable (adj) 慈善的;upload the proof onto the facebook;upload (v) 上傳;proof (n) 證明;raise(或 promote) awareness of N 提升對…的注意;encourage donations (n) 捐款;donate to N (v) 捐款給…

■ 主題四:Disney’s "Frozen" & "Let It Go" 冰雪奇緣

resonate with N / strike a chord with N 和 … 產生共鳴;appeal to a broad audience; appeal to N (v) 吸引 = attract N = be attracted to N;audience (n) 聽眾 / 觀眾; captivate (v) 使著迷;capture the viewers' imagination;capture (v) 抓住 / 吸引激發;infectiously catchy;catchy (adj) 朗朗上口的;sequel (n) 續集;contribute to the success of Frozen (v) 導致引發 = lead to N / result in N / give rise to N

■ 主題五:The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 消失的馬航

mysterious disappearance of the jetliner / aircraft with 239 passengers and crew on board en route to Beijing;mysterious (adj) 神秘的;mystery (n) 神秘 / 謎 = puzzle (n) 謎;disappearance (n) 消失 = absence (n);disappear without trace;disappear (v) 消失 = vanish (v);trace (n) 痕跡 / 微量;passenger (n) 乘客;crew (n) 機組員;on board (片) 在 (船/飛機/火車/汽車) 上;en route to 地:在去某地途中 = on its way to 地;be bound for 地:前往某地;take off (v) 起飛;unprecedented search effort in sheer scale and complexity;unprecedented (adj) 史無前例的;scale (n) 規模;complexity (n) 複雜度;complex / complicated (adj) 複雜的;search 地 with surveying equipment to no avail;to no avail = in vain = fruitless 徒勞無功的/ 白費的;survey / investigate (v) 調查;equipment (n) 設備;device (n) 精巧的儀器;try to locate potential whereabouts and debris / wreckage;locate (v) 定位 / 找出…的位置;potential (adj) 可能的;whereabouts (n) 下落;debris/ wreckage (n) 殘骸 / 碎片(不可數名詞);expressed profound sympathy, condolences, and support for the families;profound (adj) 深刻強烈的;sympathy (n) 同情心 = compassion;condolence (n) 哀悼慰問;condole (v) 同情慰問;be committed to compensating all the victims’families;be committed/ dedicated/ devoted to N / Ving 全心投入… / 致力於…;compensate sb for sth:因某事賠償某人

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